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Change Management – The Planning Part

Skills in planning are now fairly widespread and most organisations have business plans, but the sad fact is that many are thick tomes which function better as doorstops than as supports to change leadership!

Excellence ProgrammeOur planning excellence programme provides a framework within which the planning team and all parts of your business can work together to produce plans that enhance the chance of success.

Our planning methodology plugs into the research activity to make best use of information and statistics. It includes training in planning technique covering the systematic exploration of dependencies, teamwork events or workshops and development of measures of plan achievement.

But in planning change, the journey is as important as the destination: in other words, how you conduct the planning can have as much effect on the success of the change as the plan itself. A simple example: does your planning process result in buy-in from those who are going to be involved in the change?

The process of planning can therefore be more important than the output. It can be the first time that cross-functional cooperation has been achieved in an organisation and in this way not only develops a jointly-owned programme of action but it also shares understanding of the available alternatives and fall back options.

It's also an invaluable opportunity to set out the business mission so as to mobilise the input of the whole team and raise expectations of what can and should be achieved.