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Change Management – the Research Part

Terrain Mapping

The problem for many organisations is not a lack of information, but making sense of the mountain of information they already have. For others, there will be critical information gaps and finally, there will be those organisations which are launching into completely unfamiliar territory and need to get their bearings before making major commitments.

Our terrain mapping approach provides you with a clear picture of your environment including of course the perspectives of the audiences surrounding your change stage and, like any good map, will help you to identify where you are, where you might want to go, and how you might get there.

We can also help you transform data, in which most organisations are rich, into information (and more importantly, insight) in which many are poor. All kinds of operational, sales and finance data contain gems of information about customers, services and products which organisations don't exploit. We can help by revealing the patterns which are hidden in the mass of data.